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Sven Aerts

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Sven Aerts


Name: Sven Aerts


Date of birth: 04 September 1974

Hometown: Hoogstraten

Homepark: My parents’ backyard miniramp

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Lockwood and all the good people that hook me up with shoes and clothing!

Interests: Traveling, Surfing, Health-food and spending time with my family



Setup: FA board, Indy 149, Bones wheels and bearings

Food: Vegan Mexican food

Drink: Single Malt Whisky or Pina Colada

Bar: Any with an ocean view

Movie/Tv show: Game of thrones

Skater: Gino Iannucci, Guy Mariano

Hater: Lover

Video part: Guy Mariano in Mouse

Spot: Lockwood Elementary School

Music: Everything that sounds good (from Mobb deep to Guns n Roses to The National to Nina Simone enz.)

Spirit animal: Horse

Influencer: My wife, kids, family and all positive people around me

Brand: Lockwood

City: San Francisco and any place where it’s good for Surfing and Skating

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