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Louis Bauvir

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Louis Bauvir

Name: Louis Bauvir
Nickname: “De Fiston”
Date of birth: 1992
Hometown: Ardennen
Homepark: Dinant x Stadspareek
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Lockwood
Interests: Skaten & zuipen ;)

Setup: Baker Deck, 51MM Wheels
Food: Croissant & cheese
Drink: Grimbergen Tripel
Bar: the streets
Movie/Tv show: Dikkenek
Skater: Bryan Herman
Hater: James = sucker
Video part: Real - Roll Forever
Spot: Meir
Music: Dikke bass + Hiphop + AC/DC
Spirit animal:
Influencer: fock that shit mayne dont let yourself be fooled kids!!
Brand: Carhartt (plzz sponsor meee)
City: Lisboa/Barca for what i’ve seen so far

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